Call script for academic counsellor – How to convince a parent to attend a demo?

Hi Guys! What’s up? Looking for a call script for academic counselling? I got a few requests for a phone call script for an academic counsellor. So today let’s take a scenario, a kind of task. Here it goes.

Call Scenario: Imagine a situation that you have got an opportunity to work as an academic counsellor for online coding platform for kids and your current task is to call a parent who has shown interest in the free demo class which has been arranged for students. You have to prepare a sales pitch by convincing them and get a confirmation for attending the demo positively.

Here is the call flow:

(Give an introduction about yourself and where you are from)
You: Hi Andrews, this is James Thorpe, academic counsellor of (Your Company Name). I hope you’re having a nice day. Can I talk to you for a few minutes?

Parent: ………

(Give an introduction about your organization)
You: Great! Thanks for your time. (Your Company Name) is the best kids coding platform where the kids are taught to code online by our expert teachers. See, not all schools teach coding in early childhood and we at (Your Company Name) prepares your kid from 6-18 years in the coding world. All the classes are taught live One to One online in the comfort of your home by top certified experts. So far we have 8 lakhs registered students with our programs and 7 lakhs 50 thousand student projects and the count is on increase.

(Remind them about the demo class that they have signed up for.)
I have seen that you have shown interests in our free demo class which has been arranged for students on our (Your Company) online coding platform.

(Describe them about demo class details and suggest a course for their kid)
We have specific courses designed for Grade 1 to Grade 12. May I know in which class your Son/Daughter is studying now so that I can suggest for him/her with a specific course.

Parent: …………

You: Oh! on the 3rd Grade. That’s fantastic. Here we have an Intermediate curriculum for Grades 2 & 3. Just I will give a brief on this.

First one is Introduction to coding. This consists of 8 classes.
Second one is App Developer Certificate this consists of 48 classes.
Third one is Advanced coding which consists of 144 classes.

As your child is in 3rd Grade I would suggest, you can go for App Developer Certificate which is of 48 classes. This curriculum covers an introduction to coding and proceeds to game designing and basic app development like mobile app development, utility apps development etc.

(Take a sales pitch by influencing them for one or other course)
If you feel this is too high for your child, you can go for 8 classes program that is Introduction to coding. I hope you will get a clear picture what to choose for your child after attending our demo session which will be in detail.

(Fix a schedule for Demo class as per their convenient timings)
Now can I fix a schedule, Mr Andrews? The duration of the demo class will be just an hour. May I know which time will be convenient for you so that I can book a slot for you?

Parent: ……………….

(Confirm the availability of a laptop and thank them for their time before disconnecting the call)
You: Oh 3:00 pm tomorrow. That’s fine. I will schedule a demo class for you at 3:00 pm tomorrow. Hope you have a laptop and a good internet connection?

Parent: …………….

You: Okay. That’s great Andrews. Thanks for considering (Your Company Name) and thanks for your valuable time. Have a good day.

The above is just a sample script where you have to make necessary changes as per your requirements. If you are looking for more customized script do contact us with details. Probably we could help you with it.

If you are an academic counsellor, what will you do differently? Post it as a comment below.